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Spin Dryer

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A conventional tumble dryer, whether vented or condenser, works by using hot air directed into the machine combined with the spinning effect of the drum.

This means the machine needs a heating element, which is not the most energy or cost-effective method of drying clothes.

Likewise, if you use a combined washer/dryer, you have the same need for heating, and in either case you need to get rid of the heat without it dissipating into the room and causing damp.

A spin dryer works without the need for heat. Typically, it is a vertically mounted drum that spins at very high speeds, driving the damp out of the laundry without the use of heat. Therefore, it can be cheaper to run, and also to buy. Furthermore, they are usually top-loading so take up less space.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of, however: they can be very noisy, thanks to the high spin speeds, and they also tend to crease clothes more than a conventional dryer.

But, for people with limited space and a lower budget, this may be the way to go. 
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