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Portable Washing Machine

Basically, portable washing machines From China are clothes washing machines with small size. They are designed in a way that allows you to easily move them from a storage area to a bathroom or kitchen where you can hook them up to a sink for filling with water, draining water and start washing clothes. Even though portable washers are used where space can’t accommodate a full-sized machine, they work like a standard full-sized washing machine. They are available in two types; human-powered and electric-powered portable washing machines. Also, they can be categorized based on the loading door location and the in-built hookup connection for sink and water. Including Cheap Portable Washing Machine, Portable Mini Washing Machine.

Types of Portable Washing Machines

  • Top load – It is a traditional type of laundry machine allows you to put your laundry through an open door from the top. The laundry is done by a central agitator in the top load portable washer. However, these days, manufacturers of top load portable washers are now using pulsator instead of agitators. This makes the machine more energy efficient and leaves more space for you to put your laundries. Additionally, this kind of portable washing machines doesn’t usually come with glass covers. So you can’t keep an eye on your clothes while washing.
  • Front load – This is a kind of portable washer that gives you the opportunity to put your laundries inside the machine through a door located at the front. Generally, front load washing machines need less water because the drum is horizontally positioned. Additionally, you can save energy using them, and they do not have a central agitator so you can load more items in them. Also, portable washers operate at a higher speed and are pricier than top load mini portable washing machines.
  • Human-powered or pedal-powered – there are mini portable washing machines that do not require electricity to work. This kind of portable washers is powered by human and is most useful for travelers. The clothe spins as you pedal the machine. However, there are some that might not require you peddling them as such portable washing machines have an alternative that allows you to power it using electricity.
  • Sonic soak – this is another type of mini portable washing machine that uses ultrasonic technology and works at a microscopic level to ensure your laundry is 99.9 percent clean. It is absolutely quiet and offers an ultra-gentle wash to your delicate clothes. If you are after saving enough energy while doing your laundry, this kind of portable washer might be a better option because it uses 15-times less energy and 40-times less water than standard washing machines. Additionally, the ultrasonic cleaner is built to last a lifetime as it is constructed with medical grade stainless steel. The most durable material a portable washer can be made of.

Additionally, some types of portable washers are divided based on the way water is loaded into them. Some mini portable washing machines can be loaded with water using buckets or some other containers. This can be called manual water filling. But there are others that get water supply through the faucet adapter in the bathroom or kitchen. This is known as sink water filling.

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