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Foot Spa Massager

Having your foot massaged at specific points is a great way to relax and improve blood circulation. However, it can take time to place a schedule on your spa salon and in some cases, the trips going to and from the salon itself can take up a lot of your time.

When you want to have a foot spa massage anytime at your home, a foot spa massager from China is your sensible choice. There are several types of China foot massagers available on the market:

Manual – This is a basic model of foot massager that requires you to manually operate the tube placed under the feet. For a complete foot massage, you will need to roll the tube from the heel to your toe.
Electric – This foot massager is powered by electricity and is designed to provide relaxation to your foot muscles through heat and vibration.
Water – Similar to a foot spa machine, a water foot massager nourishes and soothes the feet by a range of foot massage options complemented by bubbling water jets,
Shiatsu – This type of foot massager works best for people with high-stress levels. This is a Japanese way based on applying pressure to certain reflexology points on the feet. Some of the shiatsu foot massagers include kneading, infrared heating and vibrating percussion for you to feel the sense of rejuvenation.
When choosing the best foot massager in stores or online, there are some features that you should watch out when selecting the product that suits you best. The product should feature a durable soft foam injected with gel to provide a comfortable cushion surface during the massage.

It should also typically include varying speed options for a personalized massage experience and convenient toe-touch controls. Meanwhile, the infrared heating can either include the ankle and the upper foot or the bottom of the foot.

Foot spa massagers have also gained popularity in the health and wellness departments, owing to a lot of advantages. Our products including Mini Heat Infrared Foot Spa Massager, Foot Spa Massager With Bubble Function.
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