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Twin Tub Washing Machine

A twin tub washing machine has two tubs for washing your clothes.

One, typically on the left, is where your clothes can wash, rinse or soak. The second, typically on the right, is used to spin the moisture out of your clothes, so they can spend less time drying on the line.

So to give your clothes a full wash and spin, you’ll need to manually move the wet clothes by hand from one tub to the other, and set the machine to run a spin cycle separately to the wash cycle.

Also, many twin tubs are manual fill only. Unlike an automatic top loader or front loader that connects to your water supply and draws in the water it needs to wash by itself, you’ll need to manually attach a hose to your Twin Tub and switch on the tap to top it up for each wash load. You’ll usually also have to manually drain the machine too, rather than letting the machine handle that too.

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